Fair Credit Easy Credit Card Approval Review

Okay, so you don’t have bad credit anymore, but you don’t have good credit either. So what do you do now? If you want to find out, you need to stick around. Okay, so I want to say hi to the people that have subscribed and people that watch my content regularly and if this is your first time welcome the blaze MasterCard, which is a great card that you can get if your credit score is starting to improve.

This is a card that offers easy credit approval, especially if you have fair credit, and if you have a little bit on the bad side, you could probably also get approved for this card, but before I get into the blaze MasterCard, I will also tell you about A bonus offer at the end of this video that offers another credit line that is fairly easy to get approval. So if you’re looking for the easiest credit cards to get approved for when you have fair credit or a little bit on the bad side, you need to watch this whole video. So let’s get started okay, so I quickly want to start out this video by thanking everybody for two things: one is for subscribing and being part of this great community and the other is visiting my blog credit fast com.

Since February 2020, I have been regularly uploading reviews on different credit cards, not just the ones I cover in my review, videos, and I appreciate everybody going through and consuming that content. It is great and it helps me to keep going so I wanted to thank everyone on that. I am almost at a thousand subscribers and I’m very grateful for that to the subscribers. We are a great community of people that are looking to have long-term success in our personal finances, from either building credit. All the way to getting a mortgage credit is so important, and I’m so glad that you can gain value from my content and having done this YouTube channel for a year now. I have seen your stories in the comment sections and I’m always excited to see when you tell me that your credit score is improving and it can start from somebody who had no credit to now.

They’re telling me that their credit score went up a hundred points. So I always love hearing stories like that and I’ll always do my best to answer your questions. So thank you and let’s get on to the review of the blaze master cart, which is specifically designed for people that have fair credit, and you can be a little bit in the bad credit area. I would say like when you’re almost at the point of having fair credit, you should also be able to get approved for the blaze master card, so that is why I picked the blaze master card as a credit card that I will be reviewing today. Also. Another reason I picked it was that my most popular video in 2018 was my video on the Capital.

One platinum card for fair credit and people are very interested in knowing what their options are once they build their credit a little bit and it’s getting better, but they can’t get the really nice reward cards and to get to that point, it’s good to open another Line of credit, so obviously the Capital One Platinum Card is an option. So what I’ll do is? I will leave the link right above here, but I’ll also leave it at the very end of the video.

So if you’d like to catch that review, you can so let’s talk about the blaze MasterCard, which is a great card that you can get if your credit score is starting to improve so to quickly go over the benefits. It’S easy to get approved. It’S not a secured card and there are no other extra fees associated with it. The bad news is that there is an annual fee at the time of this video. It is $ 75. In addition, this is not a rewards card and the interest level on this card is very high, so it is really important that you pay off your balances in full every month. If you can do that, this is a great card to get you on to the next level. Also, the credit limit tends to be low. With this car people oftentimes get approved, for maybe a 300 dollar line of credit. Now they will give you an opportunity to get a credit line increase and that’s in about six months, so you can start at 300 and then get an increase after six months if you pay your bills on time. Like I said earlier, I love the comments section, but the one question I know that I’m going to be asked is: can you get the annual fee removed waived after the first year? The answer is yes, I called customer service to find out.

What you need to do is wait for the annual fee to be added to your account the second time in 12 months, and then you call customer service. So what you need to do is call up and basically state that you’d like to continue being a customer, but you don’t want to pay the annual fee. So basically they’re gonna want to keep your business. If you have paid on time for 12 months and you’re, a good customer in good standing majority of cases, they will waive the annual fee.

Also, what I found out was that there’s two other things that can happen at the 12 month mark one is that, potentially, you can have your interest rate lowered and you can also have a CRO another credit line, increase the options for that all becomes available after 12 months, everybody doesn’t go to qualify for all three of those things, but the most important thing about all of that. At the end of the day, you just want to have that annual fee removed sure it would be great to have a lower interest rate, but again remember the whole point of this card is to build credit, and you want to pay the balance in full. Every month, so the actual interest rate doesn’t matter, and it doesn’t matter if they lower that interest rate. So I would focus in on getting the annual fee removed waived and there’s a very specific reason why.

I recommend the there’s something known on your credit report, known as age of accounts. Don’T quote me on this exactly, I believe it’s 10 % of your credit score, but it could be 15, but it’s a small portion of your credit score and what that is. Is that they look at your accounts and how old they are and the older accounts are better or cows, because you’ve had a long relationship with the bank, especially when you’re paying on time the it looks great on a credit report and that’s what creditors want to See they want to see a long good history? So that’s why you don’t want to cancel this card after one year.

If you can get the annual fee waived, it doesn’t hurt to have this card. It only benefits you so when I was doing the research for this review and for the pros and con review article. That’S on credit, fast calm. I was told that they are known to have good customer service and I in fact had to contact customer service to get this information out to you and what the lady was really nice to me. So I called up – and I basically said I’m thinking of applying I’m not because I already have reward cars and good credit, so I don’t need this card and at the end of it the lady was really nice and she said, oh well now that you know More about this card, I really hope that you apply for it because it it’s a really nice card to help build your credit. She was encouraging me to apply for this card, but amazingly, which I expected to happen was I thought she was trying to get me to apply for this card over the phone she did not. She was just telling me that she sees how good the program is and that I could benefit from being a cardholder. As far as I know they they seem really nice.

If you have this card good or bad, leave your experiences in the comment below, but from what I saw a very professional attitude with blaze. Mastercard, as I told you before, there is a review article for this place, MasterCard and I’m really proud of how it turned out. I think you should check it out, because I list nine pros and six cons of this credit card. This will help you make the right financial decision whether to apply or not to apply for this credit card. So I really again implore you to check that out either the link for that article will be in the description of the video or you can just type in Blais, MasterCard in the search bar on credit, fest comm, and it will take you straight to that article. So, like I said already many times in this video, the blase MasterCard is an easy credit approval credit card. So as long as you have some established history in good standing, you should get approved for this card, but that doesn’t guarantee anything. And so I like to keep my reviews honest. Even when there’s a credit card offer that has easy credit approval, you still can get declined and there could be different factors. One of the most common reasons is, if you have too many hard credit inquiries on your credit report, that often times can get somebody disqualified for a credit card offer. I don’t know the exact requirements with the blaze.

Mastercard, I’m saying that it is fairly easy to get credit approval, but it’s not guaranteed. I always like to promote credit products that give my viewers the best possible chance to get approved. So if you do decide to apply for this credit card, please leave your experiences in the comments below and and let everyone know whether you were able to get approved or not approved. We’D all like to know all right, so I told you guys all at the beginning of the video that I had one bonus offer to tell you about, for people that have some established credit kind of in the fair area, and here we go.

This is not a major credit card, but it is a store line of credit that I think is very helpful to some people. It is for the wayfarer card, and that is an online store where you can buy home furnishings for your home or apartment, and so, if you do have a place that you want to decorate this, this card offer is especially geared for you. So the reason I bring up, Wayfair and checking it out is that they offer a pre-qualified link, so you can have your you can. So you can see if you are qualified for this card without a hard credit inquiry hard credit inquiries are not the worst thing. I have I have them on my credit report right now, but whenever it’s possible you want to avoid them. So this this article and again this is a fantastic article. It is even more in detail than the Blaze mastercard, it’s another great article. It tells you all the pros and all the cons so that again, you can make a decision whether this particular card is right for you at the bottom of the article. I leave the application link to see if you prequalify for wave fare with this particular line of credit.

I don’t receive any kind of commission if you decide to apply for it, whether you get approved or not. I list credit card offers like this, because I want my audience to see all the different possibilities they have to build their credit and what works best for them. There are other offers on my on my site that I do in fact earn commission, and that is a free way to help support. My channel and credit fest com is a blog. So if you do that, I thank you very much pretty much all the store cards I talk about on credit, fast calm.

I receive no Commission for it. So it’s it’s just part of sharing information with everyone. I would take advantage of it. I also did another offer that I don’t get Commission on is the Kohl’s Charge Card. I did a video on that I’ll leave that up here for you you can click on it and watch it later, but that’s another great store card offer that there is a no hard credit inquiry for a pre-qualification. So this is another great option. If you’re looking to build your credit hire, so I guess there was a bonus to the bonus, so the bonus is weight fair and the bonus to the bonus was close. So these are two more solid, easy credit card approval options.

Okay, so the Blaze MasterCard should be a very easy credit approval for a lot of people reading in the review article. I have two application links. The first one in that I have is for the people that received an invitation offer in the mail you’ll need a reservation number in order to apply for this card, and maybe you happen to watch this video because you receive that letter in the mail.

So if you did receive that letter in the mail and everything I told you through this video and through the review article on credit, fast comm, if it checks all the boxes – and you want that offer – you definitely want to click that link and then put that Reservation code in to get your credit card offer. However, if you are just watching this video today and I’ve just told you about the Blaze, MasterCard and you want to learn more about it below the reservation link, I have another link, that is for fair credit and you can see and compare the Blaze MasterCard to Other Fair credit cards so today I hope I helped you find good constructive ways to build your credit and we talked about easy credit card approval when you have fair credit. Basically, in this whole articles, I talked about 4 credit cards. I, of course, focus the whole article on the blaze MasterCard, so these are four solid options for easy credit heart approval. When you have fair credit, okay, so I’m really excited. I think I did a really good article. I gave you four options to build your credit. If you have fair credit, these are four easy credit card approval options. I hope I changed your financial. Thanks so much for your time today, you made it to the end, so I thank you even more and until next time,