Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card Honest Review

Hey, what’s up you guys, this is Hannah here from, should you buy and um since I did not go couponing today and I probably will not go this week since there hasn’t been any good deals that have come out. I thought I would put up a different video for you guys today, because my goal on this channel is since we’ve kind of hit a milestone of a thousand subscribers. I’m gonna always put an article out on Sunday or Monday couponing or savings wise related and then every Friday, we’ll have a first impressions Friday.

Today we are actually going to be talking about the Victoria’s Secret Angel Credit Card. Now what is the Victoria’s Secret Angel card? If you are asking well, it is Victoria Secret, slash pink if you have those in two different stores like art like we do, it is their credit card, so it works. Like any other credit card, you get a statement at the end of the month and you essentially have to pay your balance. Now. This card is a store card and, as you can tell on the front, it does not say like Visa or MasterCard or American Express, etc. So this card can actually only be used at Victoria’s, Secret and sister stores, which are essentially stores that are owned by the same corporation.

So Bath & Body Works is owned by the same corporation as Victoria’s Secret, so they are considered sister stores and you can essentially use your Victoria’s Secret credit card at Bath & Body Works. So, on Credit Karma with this card, the Victoria’s Secret Angels card has a overall 4 out of 5 star review, which is actually pretty good for review on Credit Karma. So mostly the bad reviews that I saw on credit Carmen, I essentially saw on any other site with this card, were due to the fact that the car does not have an auto pay feature.

So you cannot sign up for that to wear every month. Essentially, just takes out of your debit accounts, the card does have a high APR of 24.9 % and that the company that is in charge of the credit card has horrible customer service reviews. So out of those three things, I believe you’ve that that’s not that bad. Since this is no way the cards fault in this matter of you not paying your bill and all that jazz, there is also a late fee that a lot of people are complaining about which has to go into the not having an auto pay feature. The bad reviews that were mostly based on that are pretty old and I believe this might have been before the app had come out.

There’s a victorious you’re going to app and you can look at your credit statement on there. So you can pay directly from that app too. So if you have a smartphone I mean I don’t get paper billing anymore. They do not have paper billing as an option for free. If you want to get paper billing, it does cost a dollar a month for them to send it to you, but I can look at my statement on my phone. I can look to see how much credit I have available on my phone. I can look and do do that all on my phone, so I believe that problem or problem with the card is no longer valid, because looking at your statement and all of that and being able to pay and getting notification from your statement is ready is essentially Null and void, if you have a smartphone or you have a computer, you have access to because you do get those through email as well.

Like I said before, this card does come with a high APR value of twenty four point: ninety nine percent, which is one of the highest APR values. I have seen an eight card, but if you are pretty good on keeping on top of your payments, then this should be no issue for you. If you essentially know how credit cards work, if you pay your payment in full every month, you do not owe them any interests, etc, etc.

So with the research that I have done, I have seen some people get approved for this card with a low credit score of five thirty six. So this might be a card that if you do have a low credit score – and you are looking to raise your credit just due to the fact that you have no credit at all and you do shop at Victoria’s, Secret or pink. This might be an option for you because it will very easily if you do keep your payments on time and all that, then this could easily be a really good card for you to use. Also, if you are approved for this card, it does come with a starting credit of $ 500, which isn’t that good of a credit, if you know essentially how credit works, but in the future, you can ask for a raise on your limit. I have not asked for raising my limit and 500 on the Victoria’s Secret credit card.

I believe is a good limit to keep yourself under because so you don’t go crazy if you, if you are somewhat like that with credit cards, now that I have skimmed over the card just a little bit on everything, I’m going to be talking about some pros And cons that this card has, we are actually going to be talking about the cons first and one of the cons of this, which I said about a little earlier, was the high APR rates of twenty four point: ninety nine or twenty five percent. So if you are someone that does essentially keep a balance on their credit card due to the fact that maybe they lost a job or they’re, just not good about paying or there maybe living a little bit over their limits, this probably is not the best card For you, because of the $ 24.99 APR pretty much for every hundred dollars that you spend and you do not pay with your bill every month, you’re going to owe them an additional twenty five dollars, which seems like a lot.

If you max out your credit card you’re going to owe them an additional 125 dollars, so I believe that is not worth the risk, so I suggest if you do, keep a balance not to getting this card. Another con of this card is the low credit limits. Now, like I said before, you start out with a credit limit of $500 and, for example, if you keep a balance on your card of more than $ 100, that’s more than 20 %, which Credit Karma and a couple other different credit cites suggest that you Keep 19 % or below on your credit cards at all times, if possible, and try to pay off your credit cards before you even get a statement if you’re using a credit card for like the rewards – and you actually have the money you can’t spend, they also Suggest paying it off when you possibly can, so you can create keep that percentage low, because the lower your percentage, the better credit rate you have another con that I have heard about with this card now that I have never dealt with this myself is the company That runs the customer service, for this cart is horrible and I kind of dealt with this, not in a horrible fashion, but more of an annoying fashion.

When you get your card, you have to call to activate it like you do most cards and they wanted to sell me essentially like card insurance. So if your card information was to get stolen, you pay them X amount and you’re covered well. I already have my whole identity insured. I pay for that. So why would I pay double for another card and they were kind of not they pushed and pushed for me to buy this.

I said no, no, no! No they’re like what you pay $ 15 a month or $ 15 a year and you get 15 back. So why don’t you just intercept or you get ten back? I was like no. No. I don’t want to deal with that. So I don’t know. That’S the only time I’ve ever dealt with the customer service of this company, but reports have said that the customer service for this company is horrible. It is awful and they try to tell you not to deal with it as much as possible. Now this company that deals with the cards is not Victoria’s Secret, so you’re not contacting them directly. You are contacting comedy W F and B. That is essentially the company that is in charge of the credit cards. Now I have heard and read online that if you are a vib or not the ID thing in Sephora VIP card holder, then you get better customer service because you spend more money there. I don’t know about that. I am a VIP card holder and I I don’t know I’ve never had to deal with that because I pay all my bills online.

So if you guys do not pay your bills online or you do not trust to pay your bills online, then not be something that might be like a good. You know that people have been calling in they’re getting horrible customer service. It says that the number is available 24/7 and you’ll be able to talk to a representative. But if you call like at 10 o’clock at night, there’s not a representative available available, so you can’t pay your bill and it’s just. That is the worst part about this car. That I’ve heard is the customer service about that.

So, if you can centrally not have to deal with that, I would say just not dealing with that. So now that we are done talking about the cons of the card, because I like to start off negative, so you can end on a positive now we are going to be talking about the pros of this card. So with this card, you essentially get one point for every dollar that you spend at Victoria’s Secret. Now you do not get any points from sister stores just to let you guys know at least right now. I don’t know if this is a huge thing, because I did research about this and other people were saying other things, but Angel card members get three times the points on Victoria’s Secret bras. So what that means? If you buy a 70 dollar bra from Victoria’s Secret, you get 210 points instead of just the 70. So if bras are something that you do buy from Victoria’s Secret, like I do, I only buy my bras from Victoria’s Secret.

I know they’re about twice as expensive, but they’ll last me 80 times longer than any other girl that I’ve had they’re, really comfortable, etc. I just I like Victoria Secret bras, then I suggest this card would be good for you. If that’s what you buy there like. I do also when you get 250 points, you Erin a $ 10 reward which can be used on anything at the store. Also, if you do spend 250 dollars or you get 250 points within the same calendar year, you become a VIP which is just a step up. The card rewards are a little better for a VIP than a regular card member, but they’re not like night and day kind of thing you just get. You get a couple more perks on that as well. Also, one thing that I kind of forgot to mention is that throughout the year and card members will receive triple points on random items like for Christmas. During the Christmas season, you got triple points on gift cards, so you, if you were expecting to buy a lot of like pants and you wanted to get triple the points you could have bought a gift card and use the gift card on your pants. So it’s just there’s a way to get a lot of points and to be able to maximize your points, there’s a way to do that, but that all varies from year to from year to year and from season to season. But I know that triple points on the bras are all year-round or at least I’ve had a card hole.

I’ve had a card for about six months and it’s always been triple points on bras. So I think that’s something that they’re trying to keep a hold of another pro to this card is your birthday gift. Now every year on, Victoria Secret changes their birthday gift. Last year, in 2015 you had a ten dollar gift card that you could use for the month of your birthday. I did not have a card on my month, so I did not receive one but last year. It was that, but it changes every year. So I don’t know exactly what we will be seeing this year for your birthday gift, but it could be a ten dollar gift card and that’s just debts. I mean that’s a free ten dollars just for signing up. So that’s something to think about. If you are thinking about getting this card, another pro is the sales and promotions VIP Angels, Platinum and regular card holders, get early access to specials and promotions and etc.

You also get emails earlier than most people do. For example, I got email this morning about their upcoming, like party for Angel card members. So that’s something to think about. You just get a heads up and then sometimes you know it’s like. If the sale starts on the 12th, you know you might get access to it on the 10th. So that’s something to think about as well. I’M with this card is that little perk. Another perk for the Victoria’s Secret Angel card is free shipping on their website. Now, usually for Victoria’s Secret free shipping on their website hits at 150 dollars. But if you are an angel card member are you will get free shipping on your purchase as long as you purchase a bra, which you also earn three times two points on online as well, so you can get essentially get a $ 10 bra if it’s on Clearance use your angel card to essentially purchase it.

The angel card has a little code that you put in the promotions to get your shipping for free and your shipping is free, so that’s something that they’ve been doing for a while. It doesn’t matter the minimum. As long as you get a bra from online and use your angels credit card, you do get free shipping on that item. Another Pro for this card is the easy approval, so getting approved for this card is not that’s hard. I have read some stories of people getting approved for cards as low of a credit score as 536, so that was very easy. I got approved with a higher credit score than that, but I also got instantly approved for this card, so I don’t know how much they actually check that I don’t know like I I applied for, and I got like it loaded for a second and I got A screen popped up said you have a print approved, so I am NOT for sure on that. Now the credit card score slash history of this card has never been released to the public. So they’ve never said you must have a minimum of blank to have a card, so that is something that’s never been released to the public.

So we don’t know exactly the requirements on that, but we have seen a lot of people with a low credit score. Be able to get approved for this card another Pro for this card is you do get $ 15 off your first purchase with Victoria’s Secret? So when, essentially, if you get approved online, you can print out your card and then you go in and when you have a printed out card, you have to show your ID and a couple other things, but they will mail. You your card, and I got my card within a couple weeks, so that was pretty good.

But when you get your card you get a little booklet with coupons in it and then in that book it booklets there is $ 15 off your first purchase, no minimum. So that’s something to think about. Is you get $ 15 off your first purchase? Another pro to this card is, there is no annual fee for this card and as long as you spend at least $ 1.00 every a year so like in 2015, your card account does stay open and it does stay valid and you do not lose. Your rewards points so as long as you spend a $ 1.00 on your card, which I believe is very easily for someone who Shops at Victoria’s Secret, then your account stays valid. It stays open, there’s no annual fee and your points do not expire. So the last pro we have for this card is essentially with your members card.

You get you get invited to members only parties and all that, but on those parties and also different times of the year’s you get special rewards on beauty. You get special samples on beauty, you can get special free beauty, samples, free beauty, products, etc. They try to make it to where they want you to get this card and I believe they’ve done it with other things, but this kind of helps you just like. Oh, if you get a card, you know we’ll throw in a free sample size of blank. You know, so that’s something the thing about. If you, if you like those samples, I mean that just might make the icing on the cake for you. So, overall, with this card, I really do love my Victoria Secrets Credit card. This is what the standard card looks like and then the VIP and then the Platinum.

I am a VIP member, but they don’t like mail, you a new card when you become that, just because a lot of people would get like new card new guard new card, you become a VIP member after you spend 250 dollars or you get 250 points, and Then I believe you get a Platinum Member if you spend 750 dollars within a calendar year, but overall I really really do like this card. I know it has a high APR, but as long as you essentially spin or you pay your bill at the end of the month – that’s something you won’t have to worry about.

I try to pay my bill when it pops on the credit card, so I will get statements that say zero on them and then you don’t have to deal with it. So overall I mean the bad reviews that this card has gotten. Obviously, the no auto pay option the customer service. If you do have a smartphone or computer, you can easily not have to deal with that. Even if you don’t have a computer, you can go to the library and pay your bill online or you can call you can mail them a check if you want to get your essentially your statement in like mail through them, it just costs $ 1 more a Month, there’s a lot of things that these bad reviews are saying, but there’s ways around it: they’re not essentially like the car doesn’t work or the people there suck or you know I don’t know I just I think these people are really mad. The reviews are weird. I will have a link down below to credit Karma’s, essentially review site on this card.

I have had no problems with this card whatsoever. I do really like Victoria’s Secret, though so I don’t see why I would have any problems with this card, but yeah. So if you guys were actually thinking about getting this card – and you just wanted more information about this – I hope this article helped you. If you have any questions, comments, concerns feel free to leave those down below, and hopefully I will be able to answer them for you or somebody else from the savings army or who is maybe thinking about joining the savings army will be able to help you with That as well, so if you have any questions comments, concerns feel free to leave. Those down below. Also don’t forget to hit that share button social media, join the savings army never pay retail again. I love you guys and I’ll see you guys later.