Today i will be talking about the flame, mastercard and you might be thinking.

Why am i talking about the fire? Mastercard, i’ve already done a review on it, but this one is going to be an updated review because if you remember, i talked about earlier this year, because a lot of things happened in 2021, i’m sure you’ve noticed and one of the the key issues is that Sometimes parties are having a difficult time coming approved for credit, and i’m going to be talking about the fire mastercard today, because people are still getting approved for this credit card offer if they have fair credit.

So, if you’re in that that area where you don’t have bad credit anymore and you want to get to good credit, the glow mastercard, might be a good fit for you. When i did my video earlier in 2020 um, the fire card is somewhat easier to get and they did stiffened the reporting requirements a little, but that was done summer of last year, maybe early fall, but other than that. It’s still somewhat easy to get approved for as long as you have some established recognition record. So that’s why i’m talking about it today for the people that are looking for a credit card offer they can get approved for and i’ll too speaking about.

Other credit cards for fair recognition or median ascribe. So if you’re not quite sure about the inferno, mastercard, there are a few other credit cards for fair recognition that you can consider and since we’re on the subject of other carnival credit cards, i would quickly like to mention the pedal visa card since they are did stop Taking employments the beginning of this year and i’m happy to report that pedal is back, so if you are interested in applying for the pedal visa card, this is another option for helping you erect your approval when you have fair credit, but i do want to let you know That it is actually a little bit harder to get than the inferno mastercard, but if you have credit good enough, it’s a great option because it does earn cashback honors.

And if you want to learn all about that proposal, i had done a video about it. So if you want to see, if perhaps the pedal visa poster is a better option for you than the glow mastercard make sure you check that video out you’ll discover the link for it in the description below this video okay. So this is the basic overview of the glow, mastercard and what you should expect you can see right here. There is a 75 dollar annual fee which doesn’t sound so great, but i’m gon na go into a little later in this video on how we can meet that better and what you can do about that annual fee. Likewise with this card, there is a lack of reinforces for the flame, mastercard. I know a lot of you like to have some kind of remunerations, usually currency back, but this one doesn’t have it. The central benefit here on why you would want this card is just for it to help build your approval.

Okay, i’m going to show you something about the fire mastercard, which is astonishing. The interest rate. This is what the interest rate is at the time this article originally published. You can see it’s very high, but you can eschewed it by paying your poises in full, so getting back to that 75 annual reward. If you read my first article on the fire mastercard, you know that you can simply call fire after the first time and ask to have it removed. So what i understand on how to have the annual reward removed, because i did call the customer service last year.

You need to wait for that annual cost to be included on your history, and then you simply call blaze and request to have it removed now. What you’re going to do is perhaps make it sound like you’re thinking of canceling this card, and you might be actually thinking of cancelling this placard if they won’t withdraw existing annual fee and oftentimes. As long as you have a good credit history, you’ve not missed fees with glow and you have increased your credit composition. The look over your history and from what i’ve been hearing, a great deal of people have been able to have their annual fee removed and, if you’re, one of those people or one of those people who wasn’t able to. Let us know in the comment areas, because i think a lot of the viewers now would really like to know also when you call to have your annual cost removed. Here’s another thing that you’re only going to hear from me other than having your annual fee removed.

You can request to have your interest rate lowered and also you can ask for a credit line increase after the first year, and all of that will depend on your approval autobiography and retain i told you the interest rate on this credit card is rather high. So you shouldn’t really be interesting to inviting about a lower interest rate. But if you have been carrying offsets a pair months here and there, then you obviously would want to ask to see if you can get your low-toned interest rate lowered.

One other thing is the blaze mastercard, it has an app to help manage your chronicle and it can do all these things to help make sure you’re making your payments on time. You can monitor the activity on your note. This is very helpful and this comes along with your note, and this will help you manage everything if i’m helping you today make sure you smacked that like button, if you’d like to see my upcoming recalls on different credit cards or the videos, i do to help you build your ascribe score higher make sure you reached that subscribe button and the bell notification and you will be notified of my newest videos. Okay, so one thing that parties like about the flame mastercard is that it tends to be a simpler credit card for fair recognition. There’s not a good deal of complicated fees involved with this there’s an annual reward and that’s where it ceases.

It’s so much easier than the recognition one visa card that with ascribe one there’s just so many different versions of it and you’re, never quite certain which one you’re going to get, and it also seems to be simpler than the indigo mastercard. I have done discuss on both of these credit cards and if you want to compare them to the blaze, mastercard, you can find the links to those videos below in the description of this video and another way, i can prove my place about a credit cards. Having a lot of different costs, here’s one chart i’m going to show you now. I’ve never reviewed this credit card, but, as you can see, it expenses a good deal to get this unsecured credit line. The flame mastercard is a far more economical option when you’re looking to build recognition and that’s what parties do when they have these posters that are just fee demons.

They be brought to an end having this poster for one year, maybe two years and then they’re just like done with it, and with this one you can just hold on to it. If you are eligible to have that annual fee removed, it’s worth hold on your credit report for years. So in this video, as i have promised, i’ve been talking about other credit cards for fair credit norm credit that you can use to help build your recognition extremely good and another option for you. If you have some established, recognition, is consider applying for the capital. One platinum card: this is a credit card for fair ascribe, it is not have rewards, but it also does not have an annual cost. This card can be useful. I started with that one when i needed to rebuild my approval.

I was actually luck enough propitious enough to receive an invitation offer in the mail so right from the beginning, i had a card without an annual cost. I did a review video talking about all my experiences with that poster and actually how you can later on, ascent it. So, if you’re interested in the capital, one platinum card for fair approval with no annual fee make sure you check out that video you’ll find the link in the description below this one. So with the blaze, mastercard, countless people can get a credit line increase automatically. After six months that usually will happen, but if you see nothing happening by the seventh month, you can go ahead and call and ask to have your account do a look at a closer sound. So now you know in 2021 why the fire mastercard, is a great option to build that fair credit, more good, that annual cost after the first year. Most beings don’t even have to worry about it. It’S a card you can hold on to. If you like, this video, don’t forget to hit the like button. If you want to see my other articles, credit card review, videos or the ones, “i m talking about” how to improve your ascribe composition faster check them out over here.